The hydrogen Gas Generator offered By Airox Nigen is based on Bipolar Pressurized Water Electrolysis Based System. The Electrolyser can be operated at a pressure of from 10 - 32 barg. 

Each electrolyser is designed for a capacity 10 % extra of desired final hydrogen flow.

The Main equipment of hydrogen generator is electrolyser, in which, water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis, and the equation is : 


2H2O            2 H2+O2  


  • Your own independent On-Site supply of Hydrogen.​

  • Hydrogen Purity Up to 99.9999% Achievable 

  • Well Proven Electrolysis Technology

  • Minimal space required & Negligible Maintenance 

  • Continuous Online Purity Check 

  • Low Generation Cost, Low Power Consumption.

  • Once started it can be left un-attended.

  • PLC Controlled & Requires No Operator’s Attention

  • Skid-Mounted, Pre-commissioned at our works & Almost ready to use. Plug n play in small sizes. 

  • Vehicle fueling

  • Industrial processes

  • Power generation

  • Injection into the natural gas pipeline

  • Hydrogenation of edible oiles

  • And many more...

  • Design Studies

  • Process Engineering

  • General Planning and Coordination

  • Process Integration

  • Drawing up Flow Charts, layouts and 3-D planning

  • Engineering design and drawings

  • Manufacturing

  • Basic Engineering

  • Dimensioning systems

  • Automation planning and development

  • Quality management [verification according to DIN EN ISO 9001]

  • Process optimization and production monitoring

  • Plus any additional request by the client can be discussed

Hydrogen Plant - Containerized 

 5-300 Nm³/ hr.

In  Cases where  customers want to save on building cost and may not have the plant space available to house a large scale electrolyser we can offer system built in Containers. These containerized solutions also offer easy and faster installation


The compact and  innovative design of the containerized system can be offered from 5 - 300 Nm3/hr. and with an output pressure of 30 barg/200 barg. 


Applications include on-site hydrogen gas supply for fueling stations and industrial processes.

Hydrogen Plant – Skid Mounted ( Indoor Installation)    5 - 5000 Nm³/ hr.

Skid Mounted Systems can be offered for any size and in capacities as customer want

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